Minibuds is mini in all sorts of ways. It is me making mini creations, gifts and useful things that hopefully raise a small smile. I do everything from thinking the first mini idea through to the design, execution and then selling, either online or via craft fairs.  It is important to me to be able to run things while being at home with my family. 


I have a not so mini, in fact, a big passion for nature which started when I was a child and so you will find lots of animals, flowers and plants featuring throughout. I grew up watching, drawing and reading about wildlife. It is definitely in my genes, passed down from my parents and I now spend many more hours watching, drawing and reading about wildlife again, this time with my own nature loving daughters. I donate some of my earnings to support British wildlife in need of some help. Currently bees, foxes and hedgehogs.


I hope you enjoy your visit.

Welcome to Minibuds a meadow of perfectly pocket sized gifts, jewellery and accessories.
All the little items you see here have been carefully created and handmade by creator/designer Deborah Booth (that's me) in London.
 I started Minibuds from my dining table when my daughters were 6 and 3 years old. My desire to create and a preference for working from home had resulted in small creations, the kind that can be completed during nap times.  I first started by making hair accessories using fabric covered buttons and after a conversation with a friend the Minibuds seed was planted.